Very limited treeview functionality in Access 2013

EDIT: I managed to get the treeview fully operational again, so you can dis-regard this post. For the updated post, see:



I had heard rumours that the mscomctl treeview would not work in a Access 2013 database. I didn’t have Access 2013 at the time, and instead used teamviewer to remote a friends PC (Thank you Crystal Long, Access MVP).

I loaded a treeview into my form, added some nodes, and all looked rosy red and dandy, and I dismissed the rumours about the non-working treeview thinking that the persons spreading the rumour were using a 64-bit installation of office. (In which the treeview control, being 32bit will not work)


A friendly user posted on my blog saying that he couldn’t get the treeview to work in Access 2013, and that they were using 32 bit office. So I got myself a trial version of Office 365 for small business, and downloaded Access 2013. And with some research I found that it is still possible to load nodes into the treeview, and clicking the nodes will cause them to expand, contract as regularly, but all events tied into the treeview were no longer working. I couldn’t code against the node click event, which means I can’t make my form react to the events of the treeview. To me, this makes the treeview nearly useless. You can still use it to display information, but without the possibility of using it for navigation, it just becomes so limited.

So thus a heads up warning: Don’t use a mscomctl treeview if you believe your company might start using office 64 bit (MS still recommends 32 bit) or office 2013.

That said, there are 3rd party treeview control providers, which might be worth investigating if you have that requirement, and they might have support for Access 2013 and/or 64 bit versions. Part of what I liked about the mscomctl treeview is that it is a available on the users computer already, which makes it much easier.


There is also a group of people who have developed a “native” sort of treeview using MS forms. I have only played with it, and not done any serious testing but you can find it here:

3 comments on “Very limited treeview functionality in Access 2013
  1. Hi,

    I’m surprised the treeview doesn’t appear to work on a 32 bit Office 2013, I was under the impression only the bitness of Office may yield the treeview form the common controls lib unusable (i.e. not possible in 64 bit Office).

    Wild idea: Is there perhaps a problem with the streamed installations (CTR version) Office regarding the treeview control?

    • TheSmileyCoder says:

      Hi Jan, and thank you for your comment.
      Based on your post, I will give the treeview another go in Ac2013, and see if perhaps I can do something differently, to make it work. It would certainly be a relief for me, if I could continue to use the treeview in AC2013 (32bit)

    • TheSmileyCoder says:

      Hi Jan, based on your comment, I did some more testing, and managed to get the treeview working in Access 2013. Thank you for taking the time to swing by and refresh my spirit to give it another go.

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