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I am currently in the process of rebuilding my site, after one of the plugins I used was compromised, through abandonment of the developer.

I will repost my original articles and posts where relevant, though it may take a while. If there is anything you urgently need, feel free to contact me.

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  1. Highlight changes in MS Access – movie youtube

    Well done! could you make the file available to me? tried the link but it’s broken.

    email: /Email removed/


  2. TheSmileyCoder, first of all I want to thank you for all of teachings and your alliance with the Learn Access by Crystal as well. I owe my entire Access Knowledge to the two of you. I have only managed to retain the dribs and drabs of my learning due to early onset Alzheimers Disease at the age of 61. I am hoping that you can assist me in understanding why I am being victim to this one error message that I just cannot seem to overcome. The error message seems to come up at the beginnings of your Video # 1 code. I have entered the statement exactly as you did in the video, and usually i can seem to get around the problem, but in this case I cannot seem to reverse this issue. At the line of code where you write … Dim tv As MSComctlLib.Treeview and for that statement it shows the following Compile Error : User-defined type not defined.
    Again under normal day to day activity, I usually can find a way around any issues I am confronted with, however this particular issue, I cannot seem to overcome. I am a pensioner, and in Canada, due to my disability, I am restricted financially otherwise I am certain I could have manouvered a way around this, but without success, I am asking for help or even direction if that would help me get past this… I am over the top about learning this Treeview, and it seems that other programmers seem to have issues with it over time here, and i was hoping to include this in a program that I have been working with, and I think if i can master this particular issue, I believe that I can work my way to the end of this package. And also Anders, I just want to let you know that between the two of you ( Crystal Long, and yourself ) you have inspired me to move forward with learning this MS Access Package, and it is helping me enormously with my work with Doctor in the USA, in reversing Alzheimers Disease. Never thought it was possible, but to no avail, my memory is back working again at around 90%, but just to push that disease 12 inches away from yourself, is an absolute huge success… I truly thank you both.. Danny Robert Hall Ontario, Canada

    1. Hi Danny
      Glad to hear you found the videos and instructions useful. Sorry to hear about Alzheimers! Scary disease, I wish you the best in slowing the onset, or even reversing it.

      As for the treeview the most likely issue is that you need to add the treeview as a reference. I’ve found that in some versions of Access adding the treeview activeX control to a form automatically adds the reference in VBA, and in others not. I haven’t dived into any research on it though.
      So I suggest you start by looking at the references in the VB editor. There should be one that says “Microsoft Common Control Library 6.0”

  3. I thank your entire organization Anders, I follow your interviews online, and try to keep up with all of media, as I am a firm believer in the way you teach… very straight forward and to the point 100%

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