Official Microsoft Access Tutorial series launched

I gotta say, WOW.

I don’t think I ever imagined something like this would happen. Microsoft published an official tutorial series on what you can do with Access, and how to proceed with getting started on our favorite tool. I haven’t watched the full series, but the beginning looks very professional and well done. Its obvious that they have dedicated many resources to creating this tutorial series. I can tell that it took me 20 hours to produce the first 15 minute video I did on treeviews. I think I spent maybe 10-15 hours on the subsequent ones.


Link to video

Now of course I know that most of you reading this, won’t gain any insights from watching these videos as you are on a much more advanced level. But the fact that Microsoft dedicated so many resources to this, and officially created a video tutorial is a major change in how Microsoft has been treating Access. What we are hearing is that Microsoft has really taken the “big data” approach on their development efforts, and have actually realized how much of the world’s IT today, that is actually powered by our “toy” database. Sure most of us have tried to shout that general message at Microsoft for years on end, but I can only conclude that something is definitely changing for the better!

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