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A few weeks ago I mentioned that Karl Donaubauer was trying to gauge whether there was enough interest, for him to host an english speaking version of his very popular german speaking Access conference. And thankfully enough people signed up, because the now the Conference is happening:
Access Developers Conference Vienna

And I gotta say the lineup of speakers is awesome. We are going to get 8 presentations by some of the very best in the field. We have 4 speakers coming in from the US:
Luke Chung, founder of FMS, author of many many usefull developers tools. In recent years, Luke has been interviewed several times (10+ I think) by american media in relation to the technical issues facing the website to handle Obamacare signup. He was even brought in to voice his opinions on the email issues regarding Hillary’s campaign. Who would have thought an Access developer would be frontline tv news?

Then we have Juan Soto (another Access MVP), a wizard at combining Access with SQL. If you haven’t read the blog posts he was written with Ben Clothier (Yet another access MVP) then I recommend you go there now. Juan also brings his very own presentation style to the table, sure to be entertaining.

Then we have Kevin Bell from Seattle. He was on the Access team for several years, and several releases. Alot of the great features that did make it into Access web apps did so due to his tireless efforts. Kevin has since left Microsoft and is now working for ComC a company that specializes in trading baseball cards (hey I have no clue why anyone would pay money for that, but that is just my preference). They run their entire company based on access with SQL server, right from inventory to scanning to packaging. Its amazing what they have done, and as company owner Tim Getch once said: “We couldn’t compete in this market if it wasn’t for the flexibility that Access gives us”. Kevin is sure to give a presentation that will give even the most experienced developers something new to bring home.

As if that wasn’t enough to sign up immediately we also have my all time favorite presenter Armen Stein coming. I’ve watched Armen present at several conferences, both in Portland and Seattle, and I know he also keeps getting invited back to the UK based conferences. Some of his presentations I’ve even seen multiple times! Armen is a great presenter, and I’ve learnt a lot from him. From the very basic to advanced database design and design methods, to insights into running a business, and planning a project. I look forward to his presentation the most.

Then we have Thomas Pfoch from Germany, who is one of those people who can make access do exactly the things that hundreds of developers before him said “It can’t be done”. At the last conference I went to, he presented his all native treeview, which was extremely impressive. I can’t wait to see his presentation this time.

Then we have Peter Bryant from UK. He is actually the only guy from the current lineup that I haven’t met in person. He is going to be talking about to parse communicate with JSON webservices with VBA. It seems at least to me, that the requirement to interact with some webservice is something I come across more and more often in my work, and yet each time I find it somewhat difficult and end up with a lot of trial-and-error (mostly error) so you will find me at the front of the class for this presentation.

Then we have the currently un-disclosed mystery presenter. I don’t know if that will be Karl himself, or he has someone else lined up. Last I spoke to him, he mentioned he had several candidates for the last spot.

And finally, but not least (hope not) I will have the honour of doing a presentation myself. I couldn’t decide on just a single thing I wanted to talk about, so I am going to do a Tips and Tricks sessions, where I will talk about the following 3 topics:
Image Handling
How would you like to handle 30.000 images in your Access database, many of them 2+mb in size?
Lets further complicate that by placing you off-site on a slow internet connection. Challenge accepted!

• Tips to storing images
• Resizing thumbnails
• Loading images on demand
• Creating a local image cache

Every day we work with classes, the form class, the textbox class or the combobox.
But have you ever tried taking it one step further, and enhancing one of those classes?

• Reusable GUI enhancements for the textbox, form, combobox
• Example of custom class that combines 3 controls to support business logic

Using a report inside a form
• Pretty notes that scale in size
• Continuous supreports inside continuous subreports but viewed as a form

I hope to see alot of new faces there, and to make some new connections!
Access Developers Conference Vienna

5 comments on “Meet the Access gurus – Become inspired
  1. Mark S says:

    In your latest email, you mentioned a lot of Access gurus. You omitted Tony Towes who created a great product.

    • TheSmileyCoder says:

      While Tony certainly qualifies as an Access guru, he will not be presenting at the Vienna conference 🙂

  2. I’ve seen Anders presentation on how he goes about handling images. He is too modest; it’s a remarkable achievement.

    This promises to be a terrific Access get-together. I wish I could attend. I’ll start saving now in anticipation of next year,,,,

  3. Adam says:

    Hi, I need you help me to find way how to compare between two textbox, for example i have one field is contain like this[text1]( Female 230-250 Male 300-400 ) and I have another textbox [text2] when value of text2 is equal to 251 that time this value will compare with value inside text1 and give me msg”this value greater than (Female 230-250 Male 300-400).
    thanks for reply…

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