Lifesigns detected from the Access product team! Features Added!

If you have been keeping up with the history of Access you know that its been a special kind of ride. Access has some fantastic features, that were present already from the first versions of Access, which have only recently found their way into Visual Studio.

However, we have certainly had a couple of meager years, with rumors of the demise of Access spreading around. But Microsoft have recently taken an interest in the Desktop client for Access once again. We had the first tiny life signs with the 2016 release of Office where suddenly the “Linked Table Manager” was updated (only after years of years complaining mind you). Not by itself a huge deal, but I believe the new Access product team wants to take a slow and learning approach (Which I certainly concur with. Don’t sweep in, thinking you can re-think access from the ground up and change everything. Learn the product, then make improvements. Access is great, we don’t need a NEW product, we just need the great one we have, to keep up with the times).

And keep in mind that Access is a BIG and MATURE product. I bet it’s difficult to move a linenumber without causing ripple effects throughout. And while I love new features, I love the stability even more. Keep that in mind when shouting for bigger features in a more rapid pace.

But now, more features have been added.

Its not earth shattering, but I do believe its a sign of more things to come. We have had “semi-bugs” fixed. If you have used 2016, and have tried to design a query, you know how miserable it can be, because with the updated gui, suddenly the table borders were 1 pixel wide and you needed a very very steady hand to be able to select the table border. But now that is fixed! Just see the number of uservoice requests on that single issue:

Sortable Property Sheet

Anyway, on to the feature I mentioned earlier. Have you ever had trouble finding a property in the Property window? Well it just got easier! You can now sort the properties


Notice the small sort icon? Well clicking that now sorts the properties.SortIcon

See the screenshot below to see how it looks when sorted.



So things ARE happening. Things are moving forward. I can’t wait to tell you about the next set of features the team has in testing right now! Its bigger than sortable properties, I can tell you that.


8 comments on “Lifesigns detected from the Access product team! Features Added!
  1. alancossey says:

    This is good news. The ability to use the query designer again on a high resolution screen without losing the will to live is great, though it is only a case of a bug being sorted out. The ability to sort properties is definitely very handy. I hope people get to notice it as the sort button is not very prominent.

  2. Ben Sacheri says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us. It gives me hope.

  3. Ray Smith says:

    Hi Anders – Nice to hear from you, and thanks for the update.

    Hopefully these signs of life also mean they’ll get round to resolving the issue with using themed controls (command buttons and tabs) on multiple form instances & sub forms

    we live in hope!

    • TheSmileyCoder says:

      Hi Ray, likewise. Its been almost a year I guess.
      I can say that the team is busy at work. Your best shot at getting something looked at or fixed, is to post it on . The access team is monitoring that site.

  4. Jon Lehman says:

    I like the ‘sort the properties’ feature. I’ll know they really mean business with Access when they put a quick-search box there.

  5. rlstocker says:

    Thanks for the article. I’m enjoying the sort on the properties window. I also really like your comment and reminder about Access being a “BIG” and “MATURE” product already and that it isn’t all that simple to add/remove/change a line of code without causing “ripples” down the line.

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