Just signed up for PAUG 2014 conference

Looking forward to PAUG 2014. If you have never heard of it before, its a an all access conference in Portland, arranged by and attended by people who love Access. I went this year (2013) and had a great time discussing Access with like minded individuals. In 2013 there were several Access MVPs present, Juan Soto, Luke Chung, Crystal Long, Armen Stein, George Hepworth, Jack Stockton, Alison Balter, as well as two people from the Microsoft Access team to show us some tricks of Access 2013 webapps.

I am really looking forward to going again, and meeting up with now familiar faces.


If you live in Denmark, and have a interest in creating or joining a Access User group to share knowledge in, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

One comment on “Just signed up for PAUG 2014 conference
  1. Ben says:

    Just back from PAUG 2014. It was a great event again this year. It’s not just the sessions that inspire me. The times in the dining hall, Blueberry, and on the hiking trail have been great opportunities to get to know many successful Access developers. I hope that the people reading this will consider attending in 2015, or remotely attend some of the virtual groups listed at http://accessusergroups.org/

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