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Sometimes we have scenarios where we want to change a record, in ways that might cause it to “shift” its logical position within a dataset, or maybe even disappear. To take an example think of dismissing a notation. To make

If you have recently updated your office, and you are on version you might have noticed a peculiar graphical issue. Suddenly when using a right click menu, sometimes the menu won’t disappear after you are done with the menu. This

I just want to inform the users of my blog, that the meeting recording from our latest Access Europe meeting can be found at the Access Europe blog, or you can use the link below. If you have the time,

Introduction This blog post is about how to use the treeview itself in combination with right click events as the platform for creating new records. This is a great feature since we can use the treeview and the mouseclick event to specify

Introduction This blog post is about how to use implement right click options for the treeview, so the user will be presented with options when right clicking a node or empty space in the treeview.   The video As usual I

Introduction This blog post is about how to use icons for our treeview nodes, improving the visual appearance of our treeview as well as providing additional information for the user about what type of record he is looking it. The video

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Yesterday I was asked if I knew of a way to export a treeview to PDF or excel. I did not at the time, but I always welcome a challenge, as its a chance for me to learn something new,

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I while ago I made a post saying that I couldn’t get the treeview working in Access 2013. Mr Jan Karel Pieterse was kind enough to drop by and leave a remark saying that the treeview should work. So I decided

EDIT: I managed to get the treeview fully operational again, so you can dis-regard this post. For the updated post, see:     I had heard rumours that the mscomctl treeview would not work in a Access 2013 database.

Introduction This blog post is about how to handle record updates so that the treeview is always showing accurate up-to date information. I have also included a few helper functions which will make coding with the treeview a bit easier.