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For about a year now, I have been part of a small online access network group meeting onlineevery second week, and that has been a very rewarding experience. Both as a presenter getting feedback and critical questions, new ideas, but

Yesterday I was asked if I knew of a way to export a treeview to PDF or excel. I did not at the time, but I always welcome a challenge, as its a chance for me to learn something new,

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Looking forward to PAUG 2014. If you have never heard of it before, its a an all access conference in Portland, arranged by and attended by people who love Access. I went this year (2013) and had a great time

Intro A great deal of my database works revolves around tracking text, whether it be requirement specifications, comments, test procedures or hazard logs the requirement is always there for being able to track changes. Who created the piece of text,

Sometimes as part of your application you need to copy a file. You can use the built it FileCopy for this purpose, but if you are moving large files, or are moving files over a slow connection it will of

Introduction I had a friend ask me today: I need your help in the following situation: I am creating an application with multiple microsoft access files that act as front-end and a sql server database as back-end, I need to

So after my original website (umbraco based) had been going stale for over a year, I decided it was time for some drastic action, and wiped the entire page, and installed Joomla. After playing around with it for a few