Access Treeview Tutorial Part 6 – New Nodes and Records


This blog post is about how to use the treeview itself in combination with right click events as the platform for creating new records. This is a great feature since we can use the treeview and the mouseclick event to specify the location of the new record/node.

The video

As usual I have created a youtube video which shows all steps required. Hope you will like it.

I hope you have enjoyed this series on treeviews in Access. Please leave a comment if this was usefull to you!

4 Replies to “Access Treeview Tutorial Part 6 – New Nodes and Records”

  1. Thanks for the great videos. It’s amazing that even 8 years later, they are still the best tutorials on the subject.

    I’d like to use a monotype font, like Consolas, in my treeview control. I don’t see any relevant properties, and I’ve found nothing online explaining how to do this. Is it possible, even by changing some system font in Windows?

    1. In the simplest form, you could use a textbox, then in the afterUpdate event something like
      For each NodX in Treeview.Nodes
      if NodX.text=me.txt_Searchbox then
      exit sub
      end if

      You can then expand on this with a search next or ….
      An alternative could be to search the query directly, and then based on that result, find the node from the treeview based on the key.

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