Access has been added to the office 365 Roadmap

I must say, I am certainly detecting a change in direction from the Access team. It feels like Access is finally being recognized as being part of the office suite. We might not have many bullet points to show yet, but just the fact that we are there is a huge paradigm change compared to what we have seen over the last years when it comes to how Microsoft communicates about Access. And trust me, I know the Access Dev team is hard at work cooking up more stuff for us, though we are not yet at liberty to talk to you guys about it. I will say though that there is strong pressure from the whole MVP group towards the Access Dev team to be even more open and communicating about the work they do.

You can see the roadmap here, I’ve set the link to filter for Access only.

Access Roadmap



dBase File support

From what I’ve heard, you can’t have done much GeoSpatial work without coming across the dBase format. Now personally I’ve never done any of that kinda work, but I know that when the dBase support was deprecated from Access 2016 there were alot of people affected by this. This created the nr #1 Uservoice request in terms of votes. I will admit I personally have no plans of using dBase, but the TAKEAWAY from all of this is that uservoice is not in vain. The Access Dev team are actually listening, if you haven’t done so already, head over to now, and let the team know which features you care most about. Before posting a new request though, do take the time to see if someone else has already requested the same, and then add your votes to that item.

BigInt datatype Support

Another item from uservoice in progress!. As SQL server has evolved to support 64Bit architecture, it has also become increasingly common to run into BigInt as a primary key. Now if you link to that SQL server table from Access, it wouldn’t be recognized as a number but instead as a text string. So you could still work with it, but you might run into clumsy workarounds. Now they are working on natively supporting it! I mean one of the great powers of Access has always been the ability to connect to all databases, even those that are outside of our control. Now the Access team is showing a commitment to maintain, and evolve that capability!


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12 comments on “Access has been added to the office 365 Roadmap
  1. Bob Alston says:

    Didn’t Access get moved out of the Office team and into the Sharepoint team?

    • TheSmileyCoder says:

      I think they have been working quite closely with the sharepoint team in regards to making Access Web Apps (And if I recall correctly some of the present day architecture in sharepoint was developed with the help of the access team)
      Now I don’t think they are part of the sharepoint team, but I honestly don’t know for sure.

  2. Giorgio says:

    Hi Anders, have you received my mail sent last Monday about your ChartToExcel function?

    • TheSmileyCoder says:

      Hi Giorgio
      Yes I have, just been way to busy lately (As the lack of activity on my blog might suggest).
      Oh well, better than the alternative.

  3. Giorgio says:

    “Oh well, better than the alternative.”
    You’re so true these days 😉

  4. Joe says:

    These enhancements are pathetic IMHO.
    All we want is Access to run via browser on the web….with full javascript programmability and the entire object model ported, not those stupid macros.
    That’s it…anything else is pathetic.

  5. Jack says:

    Do you know if MsAccess is going to continue as a desktop application as far as Microsoft announces any future plans?

    • TheSmileyCoder says:

      Hi Jack
      Obviously I am under an NDA with Microsoft. But what I can say is that the Access team is actively working on new features and improvements for the desktop, now that they are not expending resources on the web apps.

      So I feel comfortable in knowing that desktop Access will continue to live on for many many years to come. If for nothing else, then simply because Microsoft would burn far far FAR to many customers should they choose to not support Access in the future.

  6. jack says:

    Also noticed that Access Web Apps are being retired. Never used MsAccess via a web browser, so doesn’t affect me

  7. Giorgio says:

    I’ll feel more comfortable about Access’ future when I see something comparable to and to

    • TheSmileyCoder says:

      Well the excel userbase is probably 10 times what the userbase for Access is. So they will never be comparable in terms of the investments made into the two.

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