Access Europe August 5th: Automate Client Distribution

Access Europe has a special session lined up for you this time. On August 5th we will demonstrate how to automate pushing updates out to your users.


Now if you’r an access developer with multiple users, you are probably aware that best practice in the field is to use a split database architecture with a shared backend file (or SQL server) and distributed copies of the frontend. Now without help from some software, it can quickly become a pain to maintain all those frontends, and make sure everyone is up to date.


So on August 5th @ 21:00 Central European Time, I will demonstrate both the custom Access Application (OF COURSE I WROTE IT IN ACCESS) that ensures everyone is using the correct version, as well as the tool I wrote for myself that: Backs up the latest dev version, decompiles it, compacts it, compiles it to a accde file, places it on the server, handles patch notes, and informs the update application that an update is ready. Its literally that easy, and probably saves me 20 minutes per deployment of update. I love it, and I am going to share it all with you.

So don’t miss out on this special session. For information on joining Access Europe sessions for free, please look @ Access Europe Meetings


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