Access error: Right Click Menu stays on screen

If you have recently updated your office, and you are on version

you might have noticed a peculiar graphical issue. Suddenly when using a right click menu, sometimes the menu won’t disappear after you are done with the menu. This seems to only affect “fly-out” submenus, e.g. if you right click on a textbox in design view, and select Convert to, you are presented with the below menu

and the flyout part of the menu will continue to stay on screen. You might even have to restart access to make it go away.

Thankfully the Access dev team were quickly made aware of this issue, and have already issued a fix in the next release (Available from March 14):

Its nice to see that the Access team is alive and well, and on top of things like this, with a quick response time.

One comment on “Access error: Right Click Menu stays on screen
  1. Miriam B says:

    Thanks for posting this update!

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