Access Day in Redmond – March 19th 2020

Excellent! It’s that time of year again. Time to come to Redmond in Washington for a day, and listen to some passionate experts talk about Access, Power Apps and ways to make it even more powerful for you than it already is.

Access Day in Redmond
I’ve been going to Access day for 6 years now, and every single of them has been worth it. This years shows lot of promise as well.

We have the new Project Manager of the Access Development Team who will come talk to us about whats new in Access, and perhaps show a little bit of what they are working on next.

Then we have several Microsoft MVPs who will be doing presentations as well, along with Greg Lindhorst, previously of the Access Team but now working within the Power Apps team.

And of course, don’t forget the highlight of the day. I will make a presentation on how to ensure the database behind your application scales well, and performs fast and reliable by doing a deep dive into those tricky indexes. You sort of already know what they are, and you think you use them the right way, but come and hear me out. I’m sure I can teach you a trick or two.

Not only is there great content scheduled, but don’t forget the chance to interact and network with other Access Developers. Building a strong network of like-mended developers can really help shape your career, or open new business opportunities.

So come join me and several other professional developers in Redmond. I hope to see you there!

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3 comments on “Access Day in Redmond – March 19th 2020
  1. David Nealey says:

    Wish that I could attend. I really need to learn a few new things about Access, especially the graphics capabilities.

  2. Transimpex says:

    2019 was the worst year i ever had in supporting Access Apps. Negligent Bugs like
    “Invalid procedure call or argument”, “Access database in an inconsistent state” or
    “Query is corrupt” were absolutely fatal and have unbelievably damaged the trust in the product.

    Furthermore in contrast to previous years and in contrast to other Office 365 Apps there was nearly nothing new in Access 365.

    I hope your impressions of the event and the new PM make you optimistic about the future of this (still) great RAD tool. Blog about it if you can 🙂

    • TheSmileyCoder says:

      YES! There has certainly been many challenges this year. Using almost exclusively SQL Server backends we were not hit by the Inconsitent state bug, and the query bug we found a workaround for. Of course I would much rather that we hadn’t seen any of the bugs at all. On the other hand, if some of these bugs have caused people to shout back at Microsoft, maybe it could help Microsoft understand how mission critical many access built apps are.

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