Year: 2019

One of the perhaps lesser known properties of the access form is the navigation caption. This property controls what you see in the bottom left corner of your form (Provided you have not turned off navigation buttons). If you leave

If you have used VBA for more than just recording Macros in Excel, you probably know about Debug.Print, so I won’t go into the usual stuff, but rather tell you about some of the lesser known features of Debug.Print. A)

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Once again Danial Polak has lined up a great collection of speakers for his Developers Day in Amsterdam, on the 14th of September Come join myself and other international speakers from both Europe and the US for a full day

Sometimes we have scenarios where we want to change a record, in ways that might cause it to “shift” its logical position within a dataset, or maybe even disappear. To take an example think of dismissing a notation. To make