Year: 2013

Looking forward to PAUG 2014. If you have never heard of it before, its a an all access conference in Portland, arranged by and attended by people who love Access. I went this year (2013) and had a great time

I while ago I made a post saying that I couldn’t get the treeview working in Access 2013. Mr Jan Karel Pieterse was kind enough to drop by and leave a remark saying that the treeview should work. So I decided

This tip of the week will be about Enums. Enum is short for enumeration, and while you might think you have never heard of or used a enum before, I can almost certainly promise you that it is not true.

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Intro to Tip of the week I will admit the blog has been a bit dead for a while. I have been busy with the code below, and its taking up alot of time:

so instead of trying to

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EDIT: I managed to get the treeview fully operational again, so you can dis-regard this post. For the updated post, see:     I had heard rumours that the mscomctl treeview would not work in a Access 2013 database.

Today I had a control that I wanted to place right at the center of my popup form. I could get it roughly right in design mode, but just not 100% there. Thankfully Access vba can be used to write

Intro A great deal of my database works revolves around tracking text, whether it be requirement specifications, comments, test procedures or hazard logs the requirement is always there for being able to track changes. Who created the piece of text,

Sometimes as part of your application you need to copy a file. You can use the built it FileCopy for this purpose, but if you are moving large files, or are moving files over a slow connection it will of

Introduction I had a friend ask me today: I need your help in the following situation: I am creating an application with multiple microsoft access files that act as front-end and a sql server database as back-end, I need to

I got a question posted on my blog a while back, by Terrence Kuchel on how I had made my VBE (Visual Basic Editor) look the way it does. The changes I have made involves setting the background color, and setting various