Year: 2013

Find out which report or form a control belongs to

Today I had an issue, trying to discover which report/form a given control belongs to. At first I thought it would be so simple. Just use the .Parent property of the control. However I soon realised that the .Parent does


Treeview in MS Access Part 3 – Refresh treeview on record update

Introduction This blog post is about how to handle record updates so that the treeview is always showing accurate up-to date information. I have also included a few helper functions which will make coding with the treeview a bit easier.

Treeview in MS Access Part 2: Navigation by treeview

Introduction Hi and welcome back to my site for part 2 of my series on using the Treeview in MS Access. This part is about how we can take action based on mouse clicks in the treeview. For now we

Treeviews in Access Tutorial – Part 1 Basic – Loading information into Treeview

The Treeview is a great free part of the Microsoft Common Control Library that lets you create your own Treeview and tie your own data and events into the Treeview. It can present a lot of information in a limited

Welcome to my new and third attempt at a blog.

So after my original website (umbraco based) had been going stale for over a year, I decided it was time for some drastic action, and wiped the entire page, and installed Joomla. After playing around with it for a few